Presented by Jared Morningstar, this lecture will provide an overview of five important thinkers / movements in 20th century philosophy of religion who present certain insights which may be of interest to the metamodern spirituality community.

To be covered:
Paul Tillich | Liberal Theology
Keiji Nishitani | The Kyoto School
Alfred North Whitehead | Process Theology
Frithjof Schuon | The Traditionalist School
Henry Corbin | Theology of Imagination

An overview of each figure / school will be given, followed by an analysis of what they have to offer to a metamodern approach to spirituality as well as the shortcomings of their thought. Finally, some select quotes will be shared from important works penned by these thinkers, allowing a more in-depth examination of some of the major themes.

Jared Morningstar earned his BA in religion from Gustavus Adolphus College in 2018 where he focused on Islamic studies and Buddhist studies. Since graduating he has stayed engaged with the field through founding a digital Islamic studies publication—'Alif: Traditional Wisdom in Review—and hosting reading groups over Zoom which cover major texts in philosophy of religion. Jared is currently Operations Assistant at the Cobb Institute: A Community for Process & Practice